Introducing the MERITA platform’s innovative training and capacity building programme

Training | February 5, 2024

In the realm of classical music, evolution and outreach have become pivotal pursuits, aiming to bridge gaps between tradition and contemporary audiences. The emergence of the Merita Platform stands as a testament to this pursuit, introducing a groundbreaking Training and Capacity Building program set to revolutionize the string quartet landscape.

Launched in September 2023, this pioneering initiative focuses on the ability of quartets to create original projects that enhance the individual and deep soul of each ensemble, capturing the attention of new and diverse audiences. The main goal? To support quartets in developing special projects and outreach that will captivate concert societies and festivals.

The cornerstone of this initiative lies in a series of online training modules: seven meticulously curated topics align with string quartets’ interests, training organizations’ expertise, and the desires of concert organizations. Ranging from exploring intersections between music and other arts to dismantling classical music norms by organizing performances in unconventional spaces, these modules promise a transformative learning experience.

What sets this initiative apart is its multifaceted approach. It dives deep into crucial areas, including fostering interactions between professional musicians and fragile communities, transcending the concert experience by transforming venues into multimedia theaters, and nurturing chamber music’s connection with younger audiences.

Central to the success of these training modules is due to the collaborative effort in creating the training materials. Each training organization selected based on expertise developed these materials, which were then edited by the Merita team and uploaded to the platform, ensuring a rich and diverse knowledge base.

Moving from virtual to practical application, the initiative hosts on-site trainings that include five-day artistic residencies combined with rehearsal concerts, scheduled from October 2023 to April 2024. Each quartet participates in one residency, for a total of as many as 38 artistic residencies. A dedicated mentor accompanies participants during these residencies, guiding them through the creative process.

The crescendo of each residency culminates in a disruptive rehearsal concert, for a total of 38 concerts. These serve as a showcase for the quartets’ new skills, representing the culmination of their training necessary for their professional careers.

The Merita Platform’s Training and Capacity Building initiative embarks on a transformative mission, nurturing innovation, diversity, and outreach within the realm of classical music. With its multi-layered approach and collaborative spirit, it is set to redefine the trajectory of string quartets, empowering them to create resonating experiences that transcend boundaries.

As the initiative unfolds, it not only promises to elevate quartets’ capabilities but also redefines the very essence of classical music outreach in the contemporary landscape.

Francesca Moncada

President of Le Dimore del Quartetto