Reducing emissions in our events: discovering the MERITA CO2 Calculator

News | January 31, 2024

From now MERITA events should have the great opportunity to calculate emissions in order to progressively reduce them!
The MERITA CO2 Calculator was conceived to address the climate change challenge.
The Calculator was developed by Punto 3, an Italian company based in Ferrara with 20 years of experience in sustainable events, according to the international guidelines under ISO 20121.
The tool is tailored to the specific needs arising from organisers, musicians and all the involved parties. The development process was based on a set of questionnaires addressed to the following target groups:

  • 15 project partners
  • 121 artists
  • 4 organisations
  • 7 concert organisers to be representative of an average sample of the events potentially considered in the CO2 calculator, from a geographical, dimensional and organisational point of view.

Moreover, a benchmarking analysis was conducted in order to monitor the current situation comparing results obtained, both from a scientific point of view and with regard to the web apps currently available online for the calculation of CO2 for similar purposes.

What is the MERITA CO2 Calculator?

    • The first tailor-made calculator for chamber concerts, considering the entire life-cycle of the events including all the comprehensive processes
    • A shared and co-projected tool finding a balance between instruction time and purpose of use
    • A science-based algorithm that makes it possible to generate a final overall CO2 value of the event, through a succession of instructions, from input data.

Did you know that…?

…Most artists are already committed to sustainability and use train travel even for long distances?

…Sustainability is extremely important for the largest majority of the organisers involved in the survey?