Networking Meeting for Quartets: amplifying soft skills and thriving connections

News | February 15, 2024

The MERITA Project addresses gaps and issues affecting emerging artists, specifically string quartets. It arises from a deep understanding of needs in critical moments of professional life, namely start-up and strengthening. While quartets usually have an excellent academic record, they lack key soft skills necessary to successfully navigate competitive and dynamic work environment. Networking is certainly an essential aspect of their professional and personal growth. Building solid relationships can in fact lead to valuable opportunities, support and insights.

Acknowledging the significance of networking, the MERITA Projects envisaged a Networking Event for Quartets already in its pillars. The event took place on Friday, the 2nd of February at the majestic String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam. More than 70 people were present on-site and 31 attendees followed the online streaming on YouTube.

“I have never seen in my entire life such an enormous number of musicians reunited all together in the same room, in a non-competitive situation” reported Francesca Moncada, MERITA Project Manager, President and Founder of Le Dimore del Quartetto


Networking Meeting for Quartets, String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, February 2nd 2024. Photo @EduardusLee

From start to finish, the event was filled with a palpable excitement coming from musicians as well as with a contagious inspiration coming from the MERITA partners. 

During the panel discussion, Francesca Moncada stressed the quartet’s role as MERITA Ambassadors as they develop their special outreach projects and showcase their talent.
Afterwards, Antigoni Michael, Cultural Heritage Specialist and Coordinator at Europa Nostra, described how profoundly wonderful historical monuments and venues need valuable content such as music.
“Stones are stones, but music is life’‘ she said.
Lastly, Mark Withers, Musician, Advisor and Main SQBA Tutor Disabilities and Social Hardship, spotlighted the challenge for chamber music and young musicians to address broader and more diverse audiences that shall include hospitalized people, people with mental health-issues, people with disabilities.
The final TRUST concert with amateur singers with visual impairment was a real chance to experience that challenge.

Networking Meeting for Quartets, String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, February 2nd 2024. Photo @EduardusLee

All in all, the Networking Meeting for Quartets achieved its aim: an occasion to meet like-minded musicians who share the same field of expertise, passion and dreams, to create a dynamic network of contacts in the chamber music industry and to make personal baggage grow and enrich.


Author: Giulia Rosina, Project Coordination for MERITA at Le Dimore del Quartetto