Connecting musicians with artisans in chamber music industry

News | February 15, 2024

The String Circle is a project designed by Le Dimore del Quartetto and promoted in collaboration with Fondazione Museo del Violino Antonio Stradivari, that connects the excellence of the luthier’s art with the promising new generation of chamber music ensembles through international mapping of the best craft workshops. Its motto recites “the first network enhancing the high-quality lutherie and supporting the career of young musicians in a circular economy”.

The String Circle, photo by @Yipwai

By exploring this project, musicians can come in contact with master luthiers with the opportunity to access: free one-year terms of use, facilities for purchases of stringed instruments and bows, consulting and maintenance services in different geographical areas, artisan workshops. The Ateliers’ Map counts more than 11 laboratories and 59 artisans working with violin, viola, cello, bow for viola, violin, cello and more.

Artisans’ value lies in their ability to create unique, high-quality, and handcrafted products that really stand out. Their dedication and attention to detail make their work highly sought after and admired.

The String Circle, The Ateliers’ Map

Why is The String Circle relevant in connection with the MERITA Project? It is relevant in connection with MERITA for two reasons: firstly, all the artisans affiliated can enter a European map of the professionals in the field of chamber music. Record- industry executives, sound technicians, photographers, video-makers, but also accountants, lawyers, travel agencies: a universe of professionists who can support and guide musicians along their international career. Secondly, quartets can easily come in contact with artisans while being abroad realizing Artistic Residencies or performing on stage. Talking with experienced artisans can generate new understanding and fresh ideas with regards to both instruments’ care and condition and unusual use. 

Author: Giulia Rosina, Project Coordinator @Le Dimore del Quartetto