Theocharakis Foundation


The Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music (THF) is a non-profit, public benefit foundation for the Fine Arts and Music, situated opposite the Hellenic Parliament and right in the cultural and commercial heart of Athens.

The building where the Foundation is housed was built by the architect Vassilis Tsagris at the end of 1920s in the eclectic style of the interwar era, combining morphological characteristics of various European styles. In 1985, it was declared “a preserved building .” Throughout its existence, it has operated with many different functions before becoming The Theocharakis Foundation in 2005. The architectural study for the restoration of its exterior was conducted by architect Dimitris Ayiostratitis whilst the designing and configuration of the interior space was realized by the architectural office of P. Tzonos and Heupel.

The Foundation provides the necessary infrastructure of a modern cultural center whilst preserving its historic style and protecting its heritage value. As per its mission statement, the Foundation focuses on the emergence of the Modern and its continued development over the 20th and the 21st centuries. Whilst staging exhibitions of modern art and organizing concerts of classical music in a heritage building, the Foundation blends history, heritage, and modern art in order to attract and educate audiences, as well as to cultivate awareness and appreciation of historic places.

In this way, the Foundation contributes to merging past and present, preserving cultural heritage and thus creating a culturally and historically solid future. The latter is immensely important in today’s societies as it works as a counterbalance against all economic problems that keep arising nowadays.

Simultaneously, whilst nurturing young musicians in its historic building, the Foundation perpetuates the life span of its premises and it contributes to its culturally sustainable future, which is a collective responsibility.