Somianka Manor


Our house was a small convent of Norbertan nuns (Ordo Praemonstratensis) in the Middle Ages. Later rebuilt, it was a farm estate in the 19th and 20th centuries and now, for the last 30 years, is our family home. The house almost collapsed after World War II, but it was rescued from the ruins. This monument has been restored according to old conservation techniques. Located in the center of the village near a small church, it is an architectural, cultural and historical landmark.

In existence for centuries, it represents the continuity between past, present, and future. Nevertheless, for several years it has been open to the cultural life of the village and is gaining a new pro-social function.

Its new character is to support young musicians. This is related to the musical culture of our family: Piotr Lachert was a pianist and contemporary composer living in Pescara, and his music archive sent in 4 chests is located in Somianka. Hanna Lachert was one of the first female violinists of the New York Philharmonic. Their mother, Hanna Lachert, was a professor at the Warsaw Music University for many years.

The music in our historic house sounds great, thanks to good acoustics. The comfortable house and the surroundings of the park inspire detachment from everyday life and devotion to music.

Life in this old house is simple. Our cuisine is based on fresh organic local products–vegetables come from our garden and fresh eggs from farmers. We have fresh strawberries in June. In autumn, delicious plum and apple cakes are baked. The nearby forest and river give you a chance for long walks or riding a bike.

Thanks to the MERITA project, this old historic house gains a new interesting life. Protected historical heritage is a genius loci, the best venue for the new function of creating and supporting cultural life for the local community. The most important thing, however, is that musicians can improve their qualifications here thanks to the daily support of a teacher.

Let me quote Mr.Barry Alexander, tenor: “…visiting Somianka is like stepping back in time to all of the grace and elegance, serenity and beauty that Poland represents at its finest. This is perhaps one of the few places on earth where one can, through the eyes of Somianka itself, stand in the present and simultaneously see both its great past, and its even greater future.”