Buon Appetito! Debut of the MERITA concert season with Trento Philharmonic Society

Training | May 7, 2024

We are incredibly happy to have hosted in Trento the debut of the Concert “à la carte” by the young French Quatuor Wassily, our first concert of the MERITA Project.

MERITA-interview with Quatuor Wassily, from France

An original evening at the historic hall of the Trento Philharmonic Society saw the participation of a very diverse audience, of all ages, enthusiastic to participate in the choice of the musical program and its interpretations. Attendees were fulfilled by the quartet’s artistic rendition and certainly intrigued by the unusual way in which the “multi-course” concert was conducted.

The performance by Quatuor Wassily was very understated in execution, without any rhetoric, with highly measured and elegant taste, considerable awareness and rendering of the architecture of the varied musical pieces.

MERITA-interview with Alessandro Arnoldo, Artistic Director from Società Filarmonica di Trento

The participation of the Trento Philharmonic Society in the MERITA project resonates just with that: the scene for new ideas and nascent trends as well as the space in which to interact with diverse and infinitely curious and creative audiences.

Written by Lorenzo Arnoldi, President Philharmonic Society of Trento