Korzkiew Castle


Once alive with vibrant feasts and knightly tournaments, the castle in Korzkiew welcomes everyone today into its 14th century walls, offering accommodation, dinners, concerts, tournaments, and more. Defying modernity, the castle stands proud, giving visitors a chance to get a feel of a different epoch, only 13 km from the Market Square in Kraków.

Currently, it is being rebuilt by Jerzy Donimirski. An architect, he is the descendant of families who lived in the castle in the 18th and 19th centuries. Since 1997, he has been carrying out an ambitious reconstruction and adaptation programme, including gradually revitalising the building and its surroundings. He gathered a dedicated team of experts and set off to convert the ruin into a luxurious hotel with splendid banquet halls.

The residential part in the 15th century gate tower has four chambers, a lounge, and a kitchen. In the Gothic-Renaissance part of the castle you will find restored banquet halls, which are used to hold meetings, concerts, exhibitions, balls, and conferences. A candlelit dinner by a warm fireplace is just one of the many romantic ideas at this enchanting place. The atmosphere and mood of the castle, along with its old art and architecture, make for a truly exceptional setting to spend time in, undoubtedly enriching Kraków’s cultural programme.

The Korzkiew Castle is perched on a hill surrounded by a forest and a 19th century park, stretching in the valley below. On the adjacent hill you can see a 17th century church, entered in Kraków’s register of historical monuments. The Korzkiew Castle also lies on the Trail of the Eagle’s Nests, a line of medieval fortifications originally designed as military defensive structures and built chiefly of limestone in the 14th century.

Further restoration plans foresee the full reconstruction of one more corner tower and the entire perimeter wall, as well as the reconstruction of the wooden manor house, manorial buildings (inn, brewery), and ponds that were once set in the 19th century landscape park at the foot of the castle itself. The entire layout is to serve as the Korzkiew Cultural Park.

Full of history and art, the Korzkiew Castle is an extraordinary place offering respite from the busy life we all live today.