Kaštel Ečka


Kaštel Eĉka, one of the prettiest castles in Vojvodina, dates back from 1820. It is a real jewel full of curiosities and intricacies. After a careful restoration it was converted into an estate with a sense of spirituality, capriciousness and effortless style that comes from its aristocratic background.

The castle is situated in Eĉka, near Zrenjanin on the left riverbank of Begej, surrounded by forests, pastures, and a beautiful garden. Inside the complex, which was once a noble estate encompassing 17ha, there is a catholic church, an old stable and a water tower on the canal.

Throughout the history, the Kaštel was a host to many famous people, starting with emperors and kings, counts, barons, dukes, and princes, as well as renowned painters, poets, and philosophers.

Eĉka has a colorful and rich past. It is filled with great and tragic historical and family events. Many schemes, plots, murders, plagues, duels, love stories, balls, celebrations, and famous people’s visits are what make the history of the estate so colorful. All those events came along with a very big publicity throughout the empire and entire Europe.
Kaštel Ečka was ruled by four families since its establishment in 1781 until its nationalization in 1945. Those families are Lazar, Thurn Taxis, Harnoncourt and Pallavicini.

Today, Kaštel Eĉka is a castle with a rich past, operates as a modern restaurant and looks the way it does thanks to the love, sacrifice, and dedication of the Stupar family. The current owner of Kaštel Eĉka is Luka Stupar, who bought the property from his father Dušan in 2019 and that’s when a new chapter of Kaštel begins. Luka brings together a younger team of people with new energy and fresh ideas who firmly believe in the bright future of this wonderful place.
Kaštel Eĉka and its surroundings were declared a cultural monument in 2001.