Arte Music Academy


ARTE Music Academy began its operation in September 2002 as the first Music School of Higher Education in Cyprus and is the only one specialized and dedicated exclusively to Music.
It offers a four-year field of studies Assessed-Certified by S.EK.A.P. and recognized by KY.S.A.T.S., leading to the acquisition of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music.
Its graduates continue their studies with great success in notable Universities abroad, obtaining Master’s Degrees and Doctorate Degrees.

It is managed by Pizza Spyridaki and has the distinguished musician Martinos Tirimos as its Artistic Advisor. It is staffed by distinguished musicians and teachers with careers both in Cyprus and abroad.

It offers a comprehensive and quality program of music studies, structured with the development of the student’s personality in mind and combines academic, theoretical and instrumental music training in a harmonious balance. That is why their integration into the labor market is also successful. Many graduates of the Academy are employed as
music teachers in the Public or Private sector, as members of Orchestras or Ensembles, Directors of Conservatories, Composers and Musical Performers in Cyprus and abroad.

Students enjoy a friendly environment where creativity and individual artistic expression are encouraged, creating a unique student experience. The small number of students admitted each year to the Academy helps to create close and meaningful relationships between students, to have support and a spirit of cooperation and acceptance, and to build strong friendships that remain even after the end of student life. Here the student feels like a member of a big family and not like an impersonal number.
At the same time, the professors help and encourage the students to participate in musical events throughout Cyprus as well as in Pan-Cypriot and Pan-European music competitions in Cyprus and abroad.