Quartetto Goldberg at Schloss Weikersheim

Weikersheim, Germany

19 March 19:30

From Friday, March 15th to Wednesday, March 20th, 2024, Quartetto Goldberg from Italy will spend a week at Schloss Weikersheim with trainers from Kolarac – Zadužbina Ilije M. Kolarca, a MERITA platform member who will accompany them in the development of their projects on the chosen topic “Beyond a concert experience – string quartets turning concert hall into (multimedia) theater.” This residency will culminate in a concert on March 19th.

Jingzhi Zhang, violin
Giacomo Lucato, violin
Matilde Simionato, viola
Martino Simionato, cello


"Made in Italy - the string quartet as ensign of Italian culture"

The “Made in Italy” label has been a landmark for European and West culture for the last ten years. Italian cuisine, Fashion and Craftsmanship (including violin making) products, exported all over the world, are one the reasons of the great touristic success of our Country. Moreover, the attractive energy of the invaluable Italian artistic heritage (museums, monuments, churches, palaces…) has made the rest.
As we all know, the so called “classical” music was also born in Italy, as well as in few other countries in Europe. Italian opera and Antonio Vivaldi’s music has been reproduced thousands of times per year all around the five continents.
In classical music history, string quartet compositions by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms are considered some of the highest top of beauty ever reached.
What about Italian string quartet music? Is everything discovered? How many tiny treasures are we missing?
“Made in Italy - the string quartet as an ensign of Italian culture” is an idea to transform Italian string quartet music into one of those worldwide exported products. The string quartet is a powerful ensemble, with a very special sound and a five-stars refined music repertoire. It fits so well in the list of “Made in Italy” things that are making glorious and famous our Country.

L. Boccherini - String quartet op. 2 n. 6
G. Malipiero - String quartet n. 1 “Rispetti e strambotti” / n. 2 “Stornelli e ballate”
G. Susani - Movimento di quartetto
G. Verdi - String quartet

Event Info

Date & Time

19 March (Tuesday)


Marktplatz 11, 97990 Weikersheim, Germany