Kandinsky Quartet Masterclass in Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

20 June 10:00

Kandinsky Quartet, on the occasion of the MERITA concert at the Arte Music Academy on 21 June, will be the protagonist of a masterclass with students from the Musical Talents Programme of the University of Cyprus.

During the masterclass, up to 4 young ensembles from the Musical Talents Programme will have the opportunity to work directly with quartet members. Each ensemble will receive personalised feedback and practical advice on improving their musicianship and playing together.

The masterclass is a unique opportunity for young ensembles to receive expert guidance and hone their musical skills under the tutelage of young professional musicians.

The masterclass is organized by Musical Talents Programme of the University of Cyprus, Le Dimore del Quartetto, Europa Nostra, Europa Nostra Heritage Hub in Nicosia, in collaboration with Mr. Petros Stylianou, Artistic Director of the Musical Talents programme of the University of Cyprus.


INTONATION AND BLENDING | Techniques to achieve precise intonation and blend individual instrument sounds to create a cohesive quartet sound.

COMMUNICATION | Methods to improve non-verbal communication among ensemble members, including eye contact and body language, enhancing musical synchronicity.

LEADERSHIP AND ROLE DISTRIBUTION | Guidance on effectively sharing leadership within the group, ensuring each member understands their role in different passages and can lead when necessary.

PHRASING AND MUSICAL EXPRESSION | Tips on unifying phrasing and musical interpretation to deliver a coherent and expressive performance.

REHEARSALS TECHNIQUES | Effective rehearsal strategies to help quartets practice more efficiently and address specific ensemble issues.

PERFORMANCE PRACTICE | Advice on managing performance anxiety and presenting a polished, professional performance on stage.

STYLISTIC PRECISION | Tips on achieving stylistic precision depending on the period and composer of the work being performed. This includes understanding historical context, articulation, dynamics, and other stylistic nuances across Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary repertoires.

Entrance reserved to Arte Music Academy students only

Event Info

Date & Time

20 June (Thursday)


University of Cyprus (New Campus), Nicosia, Cyprus


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