ADAM Quartet at Museum of Literature Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

03 November 20:00

Margot Kolodziej, violino
Hannelore De Vuyst, violino
Minna Svedberg, viola
Renée Timmer, violoncello

In this concert, the ADAM Quartet explores the combination of music and poetry. Through music by Barry Guy and Franz Joseph Haydn, and poetry by Samuel Beckett and the scripture that inspired Haydn’s work, the ADAM Quartet attempts to embody verbal and non verbal experiences through music.

Barry Guy’s quartet “What’s the word” is based on the similarly titled poem by Samuel Beckett. It was the last poem he wrote before his death in 1989, and it is a repetitive search for something unnamable, constantly returning back to the notion of folly. Is folly the continued search, the loss of words or is it the beautiful state of pure humanity that is searching for something that cannot be found? The concert will end with Haydn’s quartet “The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross”, based on the scriptures that describe Jesus’ final moments.


Joseph Haydn – The seven last words of Christ Hob.XX:2

1. Introduzione in D minor – Maestoso ed Adagio
2. Sonata I (“Pater, dimitte illis, quia nesciunt, quid faciunt”) in B-flat major – Largo
3. Sonata II (“Hodie mecum eris in paradiso” in C minor, ending in C major – Grave e cantabile
4. Sonata III (“Mulier, ecce filius tuus”) in E major – Grave
5. Sonata IV (“Deus meus, Deus meus, utquid dereliquisti me”) in F minor – Largo
6. Sonata V (“Sitio”) in A major – Adagio
7. Sonata VI (“Consummatum est”) in G minor, ending in G major – Lento
8. Sonata VII (“In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum”) in E-flat major – Largo
9. Il terremoto (Earthquake) in C minor – Presto e con tutta la forza

What’s the word

1. Residua I
2. Residua II
3. Residua III
4. Residua IV
5. Residua V
6. Residua VI
7. What Is the Word: I. Neither
8. What Is the Word: II. Interlude I
9. What Is the Word: III. On!…still!
10. What Is the Word: IV. Interlude II
11. What Is the Word: V. What Is the Word
12. Disjecta I
13. Disjecta II
14. Disjecta III
15. Disjecta IV
16. Disjecta V

Event Info

Date & Time

03 November (Sunday)


MoLI – Museum of Literature Ireland, UCD Naughton Joyce Centre, Saint Stephen's Green, Saint Kevin's, Dublin, Ireland