<p>Alban Berg’s Lyric Suite is one of the pillars of 20th century string quartet literature. Being itself a rich and complex piece, sometimes it can be challenging for the audience to understand its language. Our aim with this project is to bring this masterpiece closer to the audience and make it more accessible for the listener with the help of various artistic tools. Our primary vision was to tell the story connected to the piece through interpretive dance (2 dancers) with modern choreography.</p> <p>Other visual and auditory materials that we would like to use include light installations connected to the mood/history of the piece, projections of Viennese paintings and interior designs from the 1920s, audio tracks of poems and letters connected to the piece, a comfortable café-like setup for the audience space and a tasting of small Viennese delicacies. It is also important for us artists to have a talk with the audience after the concert, about the whole experience and get into an open discussion about any topics that would arise whilst being part of this multi-sensory journey together.</p>