<p>The phenomenon of war and its impact on civilisation: from entire nations swept away, from cities reduced to ruins, and millions of human lives destroyed, some voices still emerge. Voices that carry the echoes of the destruction they have witnessed and whose indelible traces they imprint in their art, as a representation of a reality omnipresent in human history. Inspired by current events, we have decided to give voice to a composer, author of several works inspired by wartime events, and to poets from the four nations from which we ourselves hail, also marked by this devastating experience.</p> <p>«Why? And for what?»: this is the eternal question that Shostakovich uses to title the heartbreaking conclusive movement of his third string quartet.</p> <p>This programme certainly does not aim to find an answer to this unsolvable mystery, but rather to invite reflection and to encourage continued questioning of the reasons behind such cruelty, perhaps the only occurrence that has always been able to unite humanity under the universal condition of victimhood.</p>